Detailed introduction to rust removal and prevention of kitchen marble countertops

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The white as jade marble countertops are shining in the sun. When you use marble for home decoration, you will fall in love with it at a glance. The kitchen without windows relies on lighting to show the beauty of marble. The texture of Foshan white marble can make the kitchen very classy, ​​with a sense of luxury and grandeur. Marble kitchen decoration renderings But because the marble cabinet countertops have been dealing with vegetables, daily necessities and water for a long time, there will be stone rust spots, so when this happens, we must deal with the stone rust spots or in time Prevent the occurrence of rust spots in advance.

1. Reasons for the formation of stone rust spots Stone rust spots are mainly formed by the oxidation reaction of metal substances in stone. Metal (such as: iron, copper) substances, liquids (such as: water, acid), and oxygen ions are the main factors for the formation of rust spots. . Under normal circumstances, we divide it into two categories according to the different layers formed by the rust reaction: (1) Deep rust. Many stone varieties, especially granite, contain a certain proportion of metal elements. When these metal elements fully contact with oxygen ions in water or other liquids, they will cause oxidation reactions and generate rust spots.

Stone materials that are particularly prone to such rust spots, such as: American white hemp, Shandong white hemp, rust stone, etc. In addition, the silicate substances in the cement react with the metal elements in the stone under the action of water, which will also form rust spots. (2) Surface rust spots.

During the mining, processing, transportation, and installation of stone materials, a small amount of metal residues are left after the stone surface is in contact with metal objects. These metal residues are oxidized by water and other liquids in the air to form rust spots. 2. Treatment of rust spots The treatment method of rust spots is mainly to use rust remover for treatment. When performing rust removal treatment, the following points should be paid attention to: (1) Avoid direct pickling (such as: oxalic acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.) stone rust spots, because these strong acids simply oxidize and reduce metal ions, but are oxidized The reduced metal ions are still unstable, and it is easy to oxidize with the oxygen ions in the air to form rust, and the area of ​​the rust spots will be further expanded with the flow of the acid solution, which is why the rust spots are removed by pickling. The effect of rust removal can be achieved in a short period of time, and it will rust again soon.

(2) When choosing a rust remover, be sure to choose a good quality product. Because in addition to a small amount of acid, a good rust remover also adds other chemical elements for special proportioning treatment to maintain the stability of the reduced metal ions. (3) Due to the different material structures of marble and granite, physical and The chemical properties are also different. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which is alkaline; the main component of granite is silicon dioxide, which has strong acid and alkali resistance.

Therefore, when using rust remover, it is necessary to distinguish between marble rust remover and granite rust remover. Granite rust remover cannot be used to treat marble rust spots. Granite rust remover dripping on the marble surface will not only destroy The glossy effect of the stone may also cause other post-contamination. (4) For the treatment of surface rust spots, you only need to brush the surface with a rust remover. Sometimes, you can also use the method of surface grinding and polishing; the treatment of deep rust spots is relatively complicated, and you need to maintain a certain dosage and Response time, and sometimes wet compresses are needed to achieve better results. 3. Prevention of rust spots The prevention of rust spots should be more important than its treatment. We have summed up the experience of preventing stone lesions for many years, and summarized the main methods of rust spot prevention as follows: 1. Before the stone is constructed, the stone must be treated with a stone protective agent. Six-sided protective treatment, blocking the contact between metal elements in the stone and water 2. Avoid using inferior cement paving stones to reduce the chance of oxidation reaction between silicate substances and metal elements in stone.

3. After the stone is constructed with a rust remover, it needs to be scrubbed with clean water to remove all kinds of residues after reduction. 4. Avoid metal utensils and acid-base substances from directly contacting the stone. 5. Try to use dry hanging method for construction, try to avoid wet construction.


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