Detailed explanation of the production process of natural marble engineering board

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

According to the actual needs of the project, the factory will generally process the natural marble into the stone "standard board" of the required size according to the customer's needs and drawings, and then apply it to the engineering building. As the natural marble becomes more and more brilliant in the field of architectural decoration, Marble specification slabs have become the "new darling" of the market. Picture of natural marble specification slab The conventional thickness of marble specification slab is 18mm. According to customer needs, it can also be cut into 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm and other thicknesses. . Cutting first and then grinding is mainly used for processing small-sized products. The production process is as follows: cutting rough board-cutting-rough grinding-fine grinding-finishing-polishing-repairing-inspection-packing and storage.

1. Sawing raw board: The board sawn from marble blocks is called raw board. The equipment for sawing the rough board adopts a diamond frame saw machine and a diamond center cutter or a large cutter. Diamond frame saws are used for large-size blocks, and diamond center cutters and large cutters are used for small-size blocks.

2. Cutting: use bridge cutting machine to divide and process the raw board. 3. Coarse grinding: The purpose of coarse grinding is mainly to solve the flatness and thickness of the board. Most of the grinding allowance should be cleaned up in the rough grinding stage. The No. 1 grinding stone used for rough grinding should be selected according to the surface roughness of the wool board . If the surface roughness is large or the thickness deviation is large, diamond grinding wheels can be used for leveling.

When the surface roughness of the wool board is small and the thickness deviation is small, the general grinding head is used for direct grinding. The rough grinding operation procedure is generally as follows: a. Before starting the car, check the flatness of the board surface with a flat ruler; b. Determine the good side of the surface as the finishing surface; c. Grind the surface first; The water supply should be continuous e to avoid the collision between the grinding stone and the side of the semi-cavity f the inspection while processing g the coarse grinding plate should be placed flat according to the serial number and inspected piece by piece, and the quality can only be transferred to the next process. 4. Fine grinding: Fine grinding mainly uses No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 grinding stones, and the grinding is carried out in sequence.

Every time a kind of whetstone is used, the scratches left by the previous process must be ground away. Through fine grinding, the coarse and deep lines and new and shallow grinding lines on the surface of the coarse grinding plate can be removed. 5. Fine grinding: No. 5 and No. 6 grinding stones are used for fine grinding. When the gloss of fine grinding reaches 60 degrees or more, it can be transferred to the next step for polishing.

6. Polishing: Polishing can be done in rocking polishing, which is the last process to maximize the inherent pattern and color gloss of the stone and achieve the best effect, especially the arm grinder and semi-automatic polishing machine whose gloss must reach or exceed the standard. , Bridge mill, such as the use of resin mill must choose the appropriate resin. 7. Repair, inspection, packaging and storage: After polishing, the Spanish beige marble slabs should be repaired and inspected, and can be packaged and stored after passing the test. The second standard board processing technology is grinding first and then cutting, which is mainly used for processing large-scale boards. The production process is as follows: sawing wool board-coarse grinding-fine grinding-fine grinding-polishing-cutting-repairing-inspection-packaging storage.

The two processes are similar, but they can make more efficient use of the board.


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