Detailed explanation of natural marble transportation precautions

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Natural marble is valued by people for its tough strength, excellent performance and rich resource reserves, and has become a popular decorative material at present. Natural marble can be applied to various decorative styles. No matter what style, marble can be connected with different materials, matching design, combining art and marble to show different value experiences. Natural marble can be said to be versatile stone. Natural marble comes from the mining of mines, and the mined blocks need to be transported to a special stone processing factory for processing into basic marble slabs, and then transported to the indoor store to meet with the owners.

Marble transportation pictures And everyone in the stone circle knows that the transportation cost of marble stone is extremely expensive. Therefore, during the transportation of stone materials, we are trying our best to reduce losses and damages to maintain the quality of stone materials. . As a high-grade building decoration material, natural stone needs to pay attention to some characteristics of the stone itself during transportation. The common methods of transportation for marble stone are: road transportation, water transportation, railway transportation.

When choosing a transportation method, we should try our best to understand and compare the characteristics of different transportation methods. During the loading, unloading and transportation of stone, a series of accidents such as car crashes, personal injuries, and stone damage will be caused due to lack of experience and carelessness. Therefore, when transporting stone, we must be prepared.

These preparations are all to ensure safety and be prepared. During transportation, according to different situations, such as size, distance, quality of stone, and different transportation methods, the following preparations should be made: 1. Preparation for transportation 1. Do not use straw ropes for white and easily polluted stones. Bundle 2. Stone materials must have shielding tools during long-distance transportation to prevent exposure to sunlight, rain, and wind. 3. For precious and small-sized finished products, protect the sharp corners and pack them in cartons or wooden boxes. 4. Use fresh wooden squares for large-sized boards Firm nail frame 5. If there is pollution, it should be cleaned; the ground where the stone is placed should be hard and flat to prevent ground subsidence, iron frame tilting, stone collapse, and breakage. No overloading, if conditions permit, insurance procedures must be completed, and there should be no luck. 8. Keep the wagon or cabin clean without pollution. , ships, etc. If the tonnage is large, it can be divided into sealed containers, containers or open-air archways.

When the running speed is fast, due to the large inertia, the stones cannot be placed horizontally when hoisted, but should be erected along the running direction to reduce losses. 2. Automobile transportation is the mode of transportation with the most accidents, so we must choose a good car and never allow sick cars to go on the road. To load according to the product, the smooth board and thick board should be placed in front or on the bottom when loading.

Finished products or thin boards are placed on the upper layer or at the back, and each layer should be separated by wooden strips to reduce corners and wear. People and goods are loaded separately, and it is strictly forbidden for people to take the car carrying stones. Only by strictly doing a good job in the process of marble transportation can the consumption of time, money and energy in transportation be reduced, and the loss of marble stones caused by transportation problems can be avoided.


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