Detailed explanation of dry hanging process of exquisite marble background wall

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For modern home decoration, almost every owner has to install a beautiful marble background wall for their home. Natural marble background wall has become synonymous with high-end decoration. Among them, the background wall is mostly made of white marble such as fish belly white, jazz white, snowflake white, and large flower white. , or castle gray, Italian gray, blues gray, earl gray and other warm gray marble. When talking about marble background wall, we have to introduce the dry hanging process of stone. The dry hanging method of stone is also called the empty hanging method. It is to set the main stress points on the main structure, and then use metal pendants to hang The stone is fixed to the building. Specifically, this method is to hang the decorative stone directly on the wall or on the steel frame with metal pendants, without grouting and pasting.

The advantages of using the stone dry hanging method: (1) Shorten the construction period: To a certain extent, the working conditions of the construction personnel are improved, and the labor intensity is reduced, thereby speeding up the progress of the project. (2) High pass rate of the first inspection: it can completely avoid the phenomenon of whitening and discoloration on the surface of the traditional wet paste process, which is conducive to ensuring the cleanliness and beauty of the decorative surface. (3) Safe and durable: It can effectively avoid the hollowing, cracking and falling off of the boards that occur in the traditional wet paste process, and it helps to significantly improve the safety and durability of buildings.

Construction process: 1. Positioning and laying-out The horizontal control line is based on the 50cm horizontal line. Up-hole or down-hole measurements to control the levelness and vertical division of the slab. Select a window on the wall in the middle of each facade, find out the centerline position of the window accurately from top to bottom, use the ink line as the vertical control line, and use this as a basis to measure the verticality of the stone from left to right Degree and horizontal block. 2. Grass-roots treatment Measure the surface of the concrete outer wall to check its flatness, so as to ensure the verticality of the main keel, carry out the basic treatment on the concrete outer wall according to the drawings, and clean up the reference plane.

3. Chemical bolt installation Based on the vertical control line, measure the approved drilling position to the left and right, and install the chemical anchor according to the procedure. That is: Drilling - clearing the hole - putting in the chemical hose - putting in the screw - construction after solidification. Ensure the exact position and anchoring performance of chemical anchor bolts.

4. "L"-shaped gusset installation Based on the vertical control line and chemical anchors, check the fixed point of the main keel width, and fix the gussets on the wall through the installed chemical anchors. 5. Fix the main keel. According to the main keel diagram, place the keels according to the number and classify them. Then install the main keel. At the same time, connect the round hole on the side of the main keel with the long round hole on the corner plate with M10 bolts to adjust the verticality of the main keel. is 30mm. 6. Install the sub keel Divide into blocks according to the specifications of the board, determine the length of the sub keel, and place them according to the number.

After the main keel is installed and passed the inspection, the secondary keel is installed. The secondary keel is connected by a gusset. Drill holes on the side of the main keel and fix the gusset on the main keel with M10 bolts. The direction of the main keel can be adjusted up and down, and the adjustment length is 30mm. The hole means that the secondary keel can be adjusted up and down? Snow, and then the secondary keel is connected with the gusset with M10 bolts. 7. Fix the pendant Fix the dry pendant after the sub-keel is installed and inspected. According to the number of pendants required for the statistics of the board, after determining the position of the pendants, fix them with carriage bolts.

It can be properly adjusted through the long round hole on the pendant to ensure the accuracy of the position of the plate. 8. After the plate positioning and cutting dry hanging parts are installed, the stone can be fixed. When installing the plate, the cutting groove must be positioned on the edge of the plate. The general length of the cutting groove is 80~100mm, the width is 2~2.5mm, and the depth is 12~ 15mm. It can be operated with the cooperation of the matching notch positioner.

9. Plates are installed in place. Install the plates that have been cut into pieces in place. The plate is installed in place, and the fixing bolts can be tightened after adjusting the verticality, parallelism and seam gap of the plate. 10. Adhesive strips After each panel is installed, immediately clean the edge of the panel, and bond the double-sided adhesive strip? The thickness of the adhesive strip is determined according to the design requirements for the gap width of the panel to ensure that the glue is filled during pointing. Horizontal and vertical, consistent width and narrowness.

11. Gluing and pointing After the adhesive strips are bonded, pointing and gluing according to project requirements should be horizontal and vertical, consistent in width and narrow, and evenly applied. Make the glue seam beautiful and firm, and use neutral silicone glue to prevent corrosion of the board. 12. Cleaning After each panel is installed, the surface should be cleaned immediately to ensure that all panels are installed in full compliance with standards.

The cleaning content includes: the dirt on the surface of the board, the error of the gap between the boards, the tightening degree of the fixing bolts, and the verticality and parallelism of each board. 13. Finished product protection Use fence protection measures for the wall surface of the board that has been installed at a height of 2m above the ground to avoid collision damage; the wall surface that has been installed at a height of more than 2m is protected by anti-pollution shielding facilities. Marble is a common material for exquisite home decoration, and the visual effects and meanings achieved by decorating our homes with different types of marble are also different.

When we choose marble, we can choose simple and neat fine pattern patterns to take the elegant route, or we can win with the shape of the bright and prominent patterns.


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