Demystifying the typesetting design and installation of Foshan white wood marble floor tiles

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Foshan white wood grain marble floor tiles are spliced ​​through the lines, and the temperament is both noble, elegant and fashionable. The paved floor is easy-care and durable. It not only has the gentleness and consideration of wood, but also the dignity and generosity of natural marble. The combination of movement and stillness is beautiful. In order to reduce the troubles customers encounter in selecting panels, increase the overall progress and quality of factory processing, and the flexibility of typesetting and installation, the construction drawings designed by the designer must be reviewed and reviewed before construction can begin.

Foshan white wood grain marble is used for laying floor tiles. Generally, equilateral triangle patterns are used and can be rotated at will, which can facilitate the flexibility of layout adjustment and reduce the error rate. The idea of ​​opening Foshan white wood grain marble is roughly to first open a strip plate with a height of 547, then divide it into parallelograms with a width of 547, and then divide it into two to complete two triangles. The stone master can make the finished product after debugging the template → relying on the ruler mold → drawing the ruler → overlapping → close-fitting, and confirming that each step is correct.

Then, after continuous screening of color and texture, close stitching and rechecking the size, the best effect and quality can be achieved. Different layouts of Foshan white wood grain marble can show different visual effects. When splicing marble corners, use the horizontal 45° cutting splicing method.

Before installing Foshan white wood grain marble, the floor should be cleaned thoroughly. Check the base board to make sure it is strong and usable. If the floor needs to be fixed, joists or jacks can be added under the floor for balance.

After that, check whether the floor is level. You can use a long horizontal line to detect the inclination of the floor and check the inclination under the level. The installation of the marble floor must be a level floor. The laying of the marble floor starts from the center first. Spread out the brick along the center, put cement on the line drawn, then lay the brick on top of the cement and you're done.


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