Conventional specifications and dimensions of roadside stones and installation purposes


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Curbstone is a special name in the industry. In the folk roadside stone, there is another easy-to-understand name "curbstone". Many areas also have their own regional folk names. Yazi, Boundary Stone, etc., they have different names, but they have the same purpose, that is, they are used to separate the boundary between roads and other parts. Curb stones are often used to distinguish the boundary between motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, or the boundary between sidewalks and green spaces. Curb stones are used in isolation belts or in many forests or lakeside trails in gardens. Curb stones can Ensure the isolation and demarcation between pedestrians and motor vehicles, so that both parties can go their own way in the traffic, ensuring the traffic safety of pedestrians. It plays a big role in our lives, but ordinary people are used to it and have never paid attention to it. Curb stones are usually made of fine and uniform natural stone by machine cutting, usually made into strip-shaped squares, and can also be made into vertical forms according to construction requirements when used in gardens or art designs. Beveled and arc-shaped curbstones.

In terms of material selection for roadside stones, granite, a hard, corrosion-resistant, and affordable natural stone, is usually used in large-scale projects such as roadside driveways, while in gardens, parks, cultural squares, etc. For the material selection of roadside stones, natural marble, which is fine in texture, elegant and beautiful in texture, is usually used to enhance the artistry of the overall atmosphere. In the production and processing of curb stones, uniform specifications will be used for blanking and cutting. The length error is not allowed to exceed ±20mm, and the error of width, thickness, and height square meters cannot exceed ±2mm. For the sake of beauty, the exposed side of the curb stone will be polished. The curbstones that have been processed and compliant are sent from the stone manufacturer to the construction site one by one, and handed over to experienced construction personnel. The construction is carried out by hanging the wires, and the curbstones are laid in strict accordance with the tight marking lines. Ensure that the roadside stones after construction are straight and smooth, without high and low staggered, internal and external interlaced teeth, etc.

A piece of stone stone, after processing and polishing, design and construction, finally became our common roadside stones. They are so simple and unobtrusive, but they really play a role in our life. a part of.


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