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Stone is a high-end material among decorative materials. More and more consumers choose stone for decoration, not only because stone is a high-end product, but because stone decoration gives people a sense of appearance and layering. In the process of selecting stone materials, more and more people choose high-priced stone materials for decoration. The editor is here to tell you that stone materials are not more expensive. In recent years, more and more customers choose foreign stone materials, and consumers will enter a misunderstanding during the Chinese New Year. Imported stones are good, and imported stones are expensive. According to incomplete statistics, imported stones of the same quality standard are often 3 to 5 times more expensive than domestic stones. Many domestic businessmen see business opportunities and often sell domestic stones as imported stones, although the quality of the two stones is not different. Big, but it is the consumers who suffer the most.

Among the domestic stone materials, Dahua Green, Baoxing White, China Red, and Fengzhen Black Stool are domestic high-end stone materials. Stone is unique, and the price is opaque. The general price of imported stone reaches more than 300 to 1000, while the price of domestic general stone is more than 100. The price of Foshan white marble, mainly white Dali, is around 100. Good Foshan white marble is comparable to imported Australian Carrara white marble. Because most of the domestic stone materials are still dominated by small workshops, and the equipment and technology have not met foreign standards. Compared with imported stone materials, domestic stone materials have a significant disadvantage in that the processing accuracy is not enough, such as thickness, flatness, and gloss. etc.

With the consolidation of domestic market policies, support medium and large companies, eliminate small workshops, and improve stone quality standards.


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