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Cause analysis and preventive measures of the five common problems in stone engineering Common problems and preventive measures of dry hanging of marble walls; To solve the problem, you must understand the cause of the problem, and then take preventive measures to solve it. This article analyzes the causes and preventive measures of the five common problems in stone engineering, the problem of dry hanging on Dali walls, dry hanging on marble walls, and measures for marble walls. I hope it can help you! Common problem 1: The stone back net is paved without being eradicated  Cause analysis  1) Insufficient awareness of quality and safety;  2) Failure to disclose or insufficient supervision and inspection.  Solutions (preventive measures)  1) Remove the back net and reapply the protective agent before laying, and wait for 24 hours before construction;

  Common problem 2: Dry-hanging stone joists and masonry walls are not fixed properly  Cause analysis  1) The details of the detailed design are not clear;  Solutions (preventive measures)   1) Use wall-through bolts to fix;   2) Use expansion bolts to fix on horizontal tie beams.   Common problem 3: No vertical main keel is set for dry-hanging stone or the main keel is not effectively fixed to the structural floor    Reason analysis   1) Insufficient awareness of quality and safety;

  Solutions (preventive measures)  1) Set vertical main keel and use wall-through bolts;   2) Fix to horizontal tie beams with expansion bolts.  Common problem 4: The thickness of dry-hanging stone is less than 32mm  Cause analysis  1) The thickness of the finished large slab is generally thin;   2) Stone blocks are not used to open the board.  Solutions (preventive measures)  1) If the thickness of the finished slab does not meet the requirements, waste materials must be opened up separately;   2) Strengthen the management of material entry acceptance.

  Common problem five: Upside-down stones are not firmly attached, and there are potential safety hazards  Cause analysis  1) The stone is heavy, and traditional techniques are difficult to guarantee safety;  Solutions (preventive measures)  1) Use honeycomb aluminum plate composite stone;   2) Strictly follow the standard node construction. Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. specializes in customizing Foshan white marble tiles, which are sold directly by manufacturers. 400-806-1222.


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