Choose marble or granite for stone railings


Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The selection of stone railings often depends on customer needs. Marble and granite are not only different in physical properties, but also in stone prices. First of all; the main color selection of granite railings and marble railings. Granite railings are mainly gray, and there are also darker maple leaf red stones.

The most important thing to choose granite for railings is that the hardness of the railings is high enough, the service life is long, the surface of the stone is not easy to oxidize, and the price is cheaper than marble. Marble railings are mainly white railings. White marble is the most commonly used courtyard marble outdoors. Outdoor marble, polished white marble has high brightness and good overall effect. Since ancient times, high-ranking officials and dignitaries have used white marble as outdoor railings or stone lions. The main material used in the past was Beijing Fangshan white marble, and many of them have been preserved, so that many people now choose white marble as railing materials.

But after all, not everyone can afford the high cost. Now in society, Foshan white is the main material used for marble railings. The hardness of Foshan white marble is equal to that of Foshan white marble. After polishing, the surface is like a mirror. Although the stone is mixed with Gray texture, but it does not affect the overall effect. The main reason is that Foshan white marble is not only mined in a large amount, it can meet the needs of the national market, and the price of Foshan white marble is relatively cheap, which is the most ideal choice for many white marbles. If you compare the prices of Foshan white and granite stones, the difference is not too big. After all, the main price of handicrafts such as railings lies in the craftsmanship, and the price of the stone itself is somewhat different.


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