Carrara white marble origin and price

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With the improvement of living standards and changes in consumer awareness, more and more people tend to the simple, light and luxurious decoration style of natural marble. Carrara white marble represents Italian marble. Its texture is clear and changeable, with white background and gray lines, and it is quickly popular in the home improvement market. , Become the darling of high-end decoration projects. Carrara white is produced in an area called Carrara in north-central Italy, and its English name is Carrara Marble Slab. Other high-end white natural marbles include: snowflake white, fish maw white, white marble, large white, fine white, landscape pattern, Yugoslav white, oriental white, jazz white, Yashi white, Foshan white and other varieties.

Carrara white stone properties Compression resistance: 138.9.1-150.4MPA Bending resistance: 14.1--15.4MPA Water absorption: 0.11% Specific gravity: 2.60-2.72g/cm3 Board surface features: gray pattern on white background, light gray silk pattern Scope of application of dot pattern: floor tiles, walls, countertops, cylinders, dining tables, sculptures, heterosexuals, etc. Italy is a country with poor mineral resources, but marble resources are indeed very rich, and the total production and trade of stone have always occupied the largest The throne of the world's largest stone country. In terms of resources, its marble varieties include Carrara white, fish belly white, Hermes gray, Italian gray, etc. The annual output accounts for 25% of the world's output, the export volume of finished products is 60%, and the export volume of blocks is 15%. Without resources, it mainly relies on imported blocks for reprocessing. The export volume of processed finished products accounts for 20%, and its stone export volume accounts for about 50% of the world's total trade volume. It is currently a veritable stone trading country. Since Italian stone was controlled by the family at the beginning, the strategy of controlling output was adopted in mining to meet the needs of some people, so the price has remained high. The reference price of Carrara white marble slabs is 200-350 yuan per square meter. The finished product price should be 250-500 yuan/square.

Carrara white belongs to imported marble. Domestic similar Carrara white marble is Foshan white marble produced in Foshan. The price of its large slab is 80-150 yuan/square.


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