Can make the home decoration full of fresh and natural strange stones, green marble.

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Green natural marble is the masterpiece of the "creator". Brilliant colors and rich textures are gifts from nature. It is marble that makes our home colorful, and it is marble that gives the space a more advanced texture. The color of marble slabs is related to its composition. White contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, purple contains manganese, black contains carbon or asphaltene, green contains cobalt, yellow contains chromium, reddish brown, purple, and brown contain manganese and iron oxide. Compounds, a variety of colors contain a variety of impurities of different components. The composition of pure white marble is relatively simple, but most marbles are mixed with two or more components.

Among the marbles of various colors, dark red and red are the most unstable, followed by green. Green is the color of life. Green marble is naturally free of carvings, and the tone is fresh and natural. The natural texture of marble is used to create a green and comfortable space. Green marble is elegant and beautiful, which is the first impression of green marble home decoration effect.

Green marble can be used in Chinese style, European style and modern style. The fresh and elegant pattern style adds a calm and atmospheric color to the overall home decoration style, giving people a refreshing and refreshing feeling. Green marble is the perfect combination of home decoration and nature, which makes the home decoration have a natural freshness. The traces of green in the marble are intertwined, and they add color to each other when they merge with each other. It shows the thickness of life and gives people unlimited imagination.


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