Beautiful, atmospheric and elegant! It's about decorating the living room with marble.

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In the field of home decoration design, there is a kind of natural stone that has never been a gimmick, but has been silently occupying the hearts of designers since ancient times with its inherent delicate texture and beautiful natural texture, that is natural marble. How temperamental is the marble living room? Who knows that natural marble is often applied to villas to create a grand, luxurious, noble and elegant texture. And it has strong inclusiveness and plasticity, can be matched at will, and is suitable for various styles of home decoration.

Marble living room case At present, light luxury and modernity have swept the design circle, and young people like to match a piece of marble in their home as a special decoration. The living room with high ceilings in villas is generally very large. If there is little decoration, it will appear very empty. Therefore, some artistic treatment can be done to show the taste of the head of the household. You can also choose some natural marble with beautiful textures for decoration, but pay attention to Match the design style of your home. The floor height of the high-ceilinged living room is generally between 3.8 and 4.9m. This type of apartment has excellent lighting and ventilation effects, and it is the type of apartment that many people yearn for.

In the high-ceiling living room, you can use three pieces of marble stacked together, or four pieces in pairs to create an atmospheric background decoration. Although marble is beautiful, it is not just paved and pasted. It must be matched with soft decorations including floors, walls, chandeliers, sofas, etc. to make the marble perfectly present. Let's take a look at the matching design of marble in the living room today, I guarantee you will like it! How temperamental is the marble living room? You really only know when you pretend! .


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