Bathroom stone marble maintenance points

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

The bathroom, as the most private space for people, is often used as a place for people to wash their body and mind, and wash away the fatigue and dust after a day's work. A well-designed and material-selected bathroom can make people taste the beauty of quietness and comfort. Enjoy the aesthetics of life. For bathroom decoration, material selection is a very important factor. Due to the special environmental conditions of the bathroom, there is a lot of moisture, humidity, mold and dirt, and it is often exposed to daily chemicals such as detergents, so bathroom stone is very important. It is easy to be polluted. Once the maintenance is not good, the surface of the stone marble will be corroded, become dull, and even stains and lines will appear. Therefore, in daily life, be careful not to use shampoos containing dyes, soaps and shampoos containing artificial colors, and acidic or alkaline detergents. Use neutral detergents to clean the surface. Make the surface of the stone dry, wipe it clean immediately when there are pollutants poured on the surface of the stone, etc.

Key points for bathroom stone maintenance: 1. Confirm the hardness of the water quality. Try to use soft water in daily life and stone maintenance. Because hard water will leave deposits on the stone surface, these deposits will darken the surface color and chemically react with the stone surface.

Because removing these deposits requires the use of chemical products. While removing stains, chemicals also damage the stone. 2. Use stone protective agent to protect stone.

In order to reduce the water absorption rate of stone and reduce the degree of adhesion between sediment and stone, it is better to use stone protective agent. The following two kinds of protection are carried out before installing the stone: one is to carry out internal protection on the stone, that is, to use silicone resin solvent for protection to minimize water absorption; the other is to carry out surface protection on the stone, that is, to use waterproof and oil-proof High-performance fluorine-containing polymers to reduce mineral deposits and soapy water and other acidic or alkaline stains on stone damage. 3. The stone surface should be cleaned in time after each use of the bathroom.

At the same time, when cleaning, it is necessary to carry out targeted cleaning according to the specific situation, that is, to select the corresponding cleaning agent and cleaning method according to the type of stone, the use environment, and the main pollution source. If you do not know the specific situation and blindly choose the cleaning agent, it will cause different consequences such as stone damage, deterioration, yellowing, and blackening. 4. Regularly polish the marble surface After a period of use, if the local color of the marble surface becomes dark, or even the damage is serious, the surface gloss disappears.

This can actually be done with a do-it-yourself (DIY) polish using a liquid polishing mixture (polishing powder and polishing liquid). Or choose a good marble maintenance company to help with maintenance and polishing. It should be carried out after a period of use, usually once a year, do not wait until the stone is seriously damaged before polishing and maintenance.

The stone marble used in the bathroom will be easily corroded in this long-term humid environment, please remember to take care and maintenance regularly.


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