Advantages and disadvantages of marble floor tiles

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Foshan MoCo Marble Tiles Development Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful landscape capital, Hezhou City, the longevity city in the world. The company has its own mine with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It has been specialized in the stone industry for 12 years. It integrates marble mining, processing and deep processing. The company has more than 1,000 professional and technical employees and has advanced various mining and production equipment. It can mine waste all year round. The material is 2 million m3, the production of ore is about 6 million tons, the annual output of plates can reach 1 million m2, the annual output of calcium carbonate powder is about 1 million tons, and the annual output of marble handicrafts is about 500,000 pieces. Marble floor tiles refer to floor tiles made of marble. Marble tiles used as floors are very attractive because no two marble tiles are exactly the same.

This is the advantage of marble, the texture of each brick is unique and distinctive, especially when these patterns are combined in different colors and sizes. The quality of the brick and its natural beauty helps to create a range of combinations of marble tiles in different types, colors, patterns and textures. Therefore, with high wear resistance, high finish, waterproof and anti-corrosion, bright and generous marble tiles are often used for home decoration, hotels, restaurants, subway stations, airports, stations, docks and other densely populated floors and walls.

Disadvantages of marble, advantages of marble. Marble is widely used in home decoration because of its colorful and diverse tones, especially as floor tiles. Marble floor tiles are beautiful in color and atmospheric, very suitable for home decoration.

Let's follow me to learn about marble floor tiles and the price of marble floor tiles! Advantages of marble 1. No deformation. After long-term natural aging, the rock has a uniform structure, a very small linear expansion coefficient, and the internal stress completely disappears without deformation. 2. High hardness.

Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, small temperature deformation. 3. Long service life. It does not need to be oiled, it is not easy to stick to dust, the maintenance is convenient and simple, and the service life is long.

4. There will be no scratches. There will be no scratches, it will not be hindered by constant temperature conditions, and it can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature. 5. No magnetization.

When measuring, it can move smoothly, without any sense of stagnation, and is not affected by moisture, and the plane is well defined. Physical properties: Specific gravity 2970-3070kg/m3 Compressive strength: 2500-2600kg/cm3 Elastic coefficient: 1.3-1.5×106kg/cm2 Water absorption. 6. Marble slabs are colorful, with various tones and patterns, which is the charm of marble slabs.

Advantages of marble floor tiles 1. The first thing that marble floor tiles attract you is its beautiful shape. Few building materials are as beautiful as marble. There are dozens of different varieties of marble, and the color options range from black to pink to white, and even dark green with white texture (this is the most expensive kind of marble).

Marble can complement many different decorating styles, from classic to ultra-modern. 2. Marble is a very durable, hard stone. If you accidentally drop your ceramic dinner plate on the linoleum, it probably won't break.

However, if you drop a ceramic dinner plate on a marble floor, it will shatter into hundreds of shards. The inherent solidity of marble is actually beneficial. You'll never have to worry about your dog scratching your floor with its claws.

3. The life of marble is beyond imagination and has durability. Marble is one of the oldest building materials, favored especially by the Greeks and Romans. Their exceptional marble work still exists today.

If marble is installed correctly in the right areas, such as floors that are not used often, you may not need to replace marble in your lifetime. For durability, hire a trusted installer. Disadvantages of marble floor tiles 1. A typical marble floor tile costs about $4 to $8 per square foot, depending on the type you choose, you can need to spend upwards of $8 per square foot.

Certain marbles, especially darker colors such as black and green varieties, require an additional installation fee. 2. In order to keep the marble floor tiles shiny and clean, you need to polish them regularly. Marble requires special cleaning supplies, as most cleaners contain chlorine, which can damage polished tiles.

In addition to cleaning and polishing, marble floors need to be resealed every 9 to 12 months. Contact MoCo Marble Tiles in Foshan at 400-806-1222.


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