A must-see in the stone industry! The small-scale production of stone products is of great significance.

Author:MoCo Marble Tiles-Stone Tile Manufacturer

Recently, I have seen several engineering projects of small-sized stone products, and the decoration effect displayed is very good, which has inspired me deeply. I think that the previous concept of large-scale design of stone projects should be subverted, and building decoration should be directed towards Stone products are developed in the direction of small specifications. In the design of stone products for a long time, in order to pursue a good decorative effect, most of them are large in size, and a product of more than one square meter, even two square meters, or even three square meters is very common. There are many disadvantages of such a large-scale product, which makes the production staff of stone production enterprises complain that it is difficult to process and there is a great potential safety hazard.

Therefore, the implementation of small-scale stone production will be very beneficial to the future development of the industry, and doing so will have many benefits for stone production enterprises and construction units. Small-size stone product decoration example pictures Small-size stone products are of great significance, please see the following analysis (1) Improve stone yield and save stone resources Natural stone resources are not regenerated, and every part used is one part less. Cherishing natural stone resources is the responsibility of our stone practitioners, as well as the responsibility of architectural decoration companies.

When designing large-scale stone products, it has a great impact on the material yield. If the designed size does not meet the requirements, the stone material yield may be lower than 50%. Taking a large slab size of 2600*1650 as an example, if the designed size is 1300*1000, regardless of texture requirements, the yield rate is 61%; if the size is designed to be 1000*900, the yield rate is 42% . It can be seen from this example that if the design size of the stone product is too large and inappropriate, it will have a great impact on the yield.

(2) Reduce the labor intensity of stone production enterprises and employees of construction enterprises Large-sized stone products increase the labor intensity of stone production enterprises and employees. Especially when the construction enterprise does not have mechanized handling equipment or tools on the construction site, many places on the construction site are manually carried. A 3 square meter 20mm stone slab weighs at least 150kg, and it is almost impossible to move such a heavy product without the cooperation of 3 to 4 employees.

If all stone products are designed as small pieces, employees of stone production enterprises and construction enterprises can easily carry and move the products during production, processing and construction, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced. (3) Reduce the safety risks of employees of stone production enterprises and construction enterprises. Large stone products are difficult to handle and move, which undoubtedly increases the safety risks of employees of stone production and construction enterprises, and is more likely to lead to safety accidents. The stone products are designed in a small size, which is convenient to carry and move, which reduces the safety accidents caused by stone production enterprises and construction enterprise employees due to handling and moving stone products, and reduces the safety risks of employees.

(4) Improve the work efficiency of employees in stone production enterprises and construction enterprises. The larger the stone products, the more difficult it is for the employees of stone production enterprises to load and unload materials when processing products. When some products are so large that non-employees can complete them manually, employees have to use cranes or other equipment to complete them, which increases various auxiliary time of production and greatly affects production efficiency. (5) Reduce the unit labor cost of stone production enterprises. The larger the stone product, the greater the cost of auxiliary time and auxiliary personnel in production and processing.

If the size of the stone product is designed to be carried and moved by one person, the unit labor cost of the stone production enterprise can be reduced, the income of the employees of the stone production enterprise can be increased, and the labor cost of the enterprise can be reduced. (6) Increase the three-dimensional effect of architectural decorative surfaces. We have long had a misunderstanding in stone architectural decoration, thinking that the larger the design specifications, the smaller the joints, the better the effect. This wrong design concept should be corrected.

In fact, small pieces of stone products can be installed in "I-shape", "one-shape", or other styles, and the three-dimensional effect created is stronger than that of large stones, and has more visual impact. The effect of paving the ground with small pieces of products is very good, with the beauty of geometric patterns, and the horizontal and vertical staggered seams are like a maze, exuding charming magic, and the effect is very good. It is hoped that more designers in China will have this small-scale concept, so that stone resources can be used to the greatest extent while decorating and beautifying buildings.


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