A must for home! natural marble dining table

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The dining table is the furniture for family dining, and the general restaurant is the integrated public area of ​​the restaurant. When choosing a dining table, you should consider the beauty of the overall combination, and consider the durability and cleanliness of the dining table. Marble dining table is an elegant and easy-to-maintain material. It is used to make dining tables, and the overall effect is also very gorgeous, natural and beautiful. The following is a restaurant design plan combined with marble tabletops. The pictures are for reference only. Natural marble dining table wooden tripod marble table: In a relatively simple and modern restaurant style configuration, the marble tabletop with wooden tripods maintains a simple and elegant vision as a whole. With the elegant temperament of marble, it can make the dining atmosphere more fashionable and comfortable.

Metal tripod marble table: Metal tripod texture elements are very common in luxury modern style, with elegant and stylish marble texture dining table, the whole space is more gorgeous and exquisite. Black tripod marble table. In the combination of modern style restaurants that pursue a stable sense of space, the stone table top with black tripod is used, and the overall sense of space is also clean and dignified, with a sense of hierarchy.

White tripod marble table. On the basis of the white stone tabletop, combined with the tripod of the white dining table, the atmosphere of the space is more modern and comfortable, giving people a bright and comfortable elegant temperament. How to choose a marble dining table.

1. Look at the material. As a marble product, an important factor affecting the price of marble table tops is its material. Most of the marble tables on the market are artificial stones, so the price of artificial marble is relatively cheap, and it can also meet the needs of ordinary restaurants and bring decoration to the restaurant.

The material depends not only on the marble table top, but also on the materials of other parts of the marble table top, such as wood and ordinary plastic, etc., which need to be paid attention to when purchasing. 2. Look at the workmanship: The quality of the workmanship directly affects the quality of the marble table. A good marble table feels slender and smooth, and there will be no scars if scratched lightly.

Moreover, the surface of the marble has a high gloss, and the shadow of the figure can be seen. If it is a mosaic product, there is nothing inappropriate about the mosaic part. For consumers to buy, workmanship is an important factor in judging the price of marble tabletops.

3. Look at the price. The last step in buying a marble table is to look at the price of the marble table. Whether the price is consistent with the workmanship and material is an important factor in judging whether it is worth buying.

At present, the price of marble tables on the market ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. Consumers must understand many aspects and make correct judgments when purchasing. Using marble as the material of the desktop is the choice of many furniture manufacturers and designers. Natural stone has a unique natural texture and can be close to nature in the home environment. With the changes in the living places of modern home space, the marble dining room has undoubtedly become an area to explain the lifestyle and attitude, and it is also one of the important ways to increase the comfortable atmosphere.


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