11 kinds of stone surface processing natural stone surface treatment process

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Different stone surface processing can correspond to different customer needs. The characteristics of stone are easy processing, strong plasticity, and good decorative effect. Stone surface treatment processes include polished surface, fire surface, matte surface, natural surface, chopped ax surface, litchi surface There are 11 types of decorative surfaces, including machine-cut noodles, mushroom noodles, pineapple noodles, brushed noodles, and pickled noodles. 1. Polished surface After the machine-cut stone is ground and polished, the surface is very smooth, and some white marble can achieve a mirror effect. All the stones sold in the stone market are polished stones, and the polished surface is a conventional specification.

Granite, marble, and limestone are crystalline grains, and when polished, these crystals reflect light and give the stone a shiny surface. 2. Burnt surface Use high temperature to heat the stone to make the crystal burst, and quickly cool down to form a rough fired surface. It is a common decorative surface for granite. Marble cannot be used as a fired surface. The hardness of marble is lower than that of granite. After high temperature heating, the surface of the board will be broken. 3. Matte surface The glossiness of the matte surface is brighter than that of the machine-cut surface, and the glossiness is generally lower than 10 degrees.

4. Natural surface The surface of the natural surface is rough, but not as rough as fire. Generally speaking, natural surface stone refers to the surface formed naturally without any treatment, which is the surface formed naturally in stone, such as the slate of slate, the joint of granite and so on. However, the natural surface mentioned in the market refers to the naturally undulating surface formed by splitting, knocking and breaking, so it is also called natural split surface or split natural surface.

5. Chop ax face (cut mask) Also called longan face or cut mask, it is hammered on the surface of the stone with an ax to form a very dense strip texture, which is somewhat like the effect of longan skin, and the roughness can be selected. A commonly used finish in Chinese gardens. 6. Lychee noodles The surface is rough and uneven. Small holes are densely chiseled on the surface with a chisel, which imitates the effect of water droplets dripping on the stone for years. 7. Machine-cut surfaces are directly cut by circular saws, sand saws or bridge cutting machines. The surface is rough and has obvious machine-cut lines.

The glossiness is lower than that of the matte surface. 8. The mushroom surface is generally artificially chiseled, and the effect is similar to that of natural chopping, but the sky surface of the stone is in the shape of a plateau with a protrusion in the middle and depressions around it. 9. Pineapple surface The surface of stone pineapple surface is more uneven than lychee surface, just like the skin of pineapple. 10. Brushed surface Stone brushed surface is also called machine-planed surface. It is a special processing technology of stone to open grooves with a certain depth and width on the stone surface, which can have anti-slip and special texture texture.

11. Pickling surface It is mostly used for marble surface. Industrial low-concentration sulfuric acid is evenly sprayed on the marble surface. The hydrochloric acid reacts with carbonatite to make the surface slightly concave-convex and enhance the chemical resistance of the surface. Among the above 11 kinds of surface technology, the polished stone is used for interior decoration, which echoes with the indoor lighting and improves the brightness. Other finishes are mostly used for outdoor decoration, and are mostly used for anti-slip, decorative effects, and anti-collision effects.


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