Things You Should Know about Installing Porcelain slab in Kitchen

March 22, 2023

If you are in the market for a new countertop, you may be surprised if Porcelain slab is the best choice for you. This full guide will tell you everything you need to know about Porcelain slab countertops, including what they are made of, how they are produced, and the benefits of picking porcelain.

What are they?

Porcelain slab countertops are made from a unique type of ceramic material that is very powerful and resistant to heat, stains and scratches. The material is also non-porous, making it perfect for food preparation surfaces and simple to keep clean. Porcelain slabcountertops come in a range of colors and can be glazed to provide them a shine or left unglazed for an extra natural look.

Pros of porcelain slab in kitchen

Stain resistance

One of the advantages of Porcelain slab countertops is that they are very stain resistant. Although no countertop can claim to be hundred percent resistant to stains, Porcelain slab comes close. Liquids also not absorb due to the glazing process and should a stain develop, it is generally simple to remove. Porcelain slabis also resistant to chemicals that may cause etching in other kinds of stone. This contains acidic foods like juices, tomato sauces, and wine. One reason for this is that Porcelain slabis solid to liquids with an absorption rate of less than 0.5%.


Porcelain slab stands up to most impacts and is not affected by general wear-and-tear. Porcelain slabis almost thirty percent more powerful than granite. They are also safe to use in an open-air kitchen as they will not fake in sunlight. Because they resist stains, they are also the best choice for a bathroom.

Scratch resistance

It is vital to note that Porcelain slab is difficult to scratch, comparable to the scratch resistance of quartz or granite. Anyway, there are circumstances where the finish may be scratched. Ceramic knives have been known to cause issues with Porcelain slabwhich is why cutting boards are advised at all times.

Range of patterns and colors

You can find a big range of colors and patterns with Porcelain slab since it is an engineered stone. This means that patterns and colors are included during the fabrication process. This permits you to find Porcelain slabthat looks like marble or one that is a powerful color, depending on the look you want in your bath or kitchen. It is even possible to make a countertop that looks like concrete, wood grain, or rusted steel. You can also find Porcelain slabin both slab and tile forms.

Low maintenance

Porcelain slab does not need sealing over time like some other kinds of natural stone. It is simple to keep chemicals and liquids will not dull the surface as they may on granite, marble, or quartz.

It is also easy to create very big Porcelain slabslabs which will decrease the seams if you have a big kitchen. Porcelain slabis also environmentally friendly as it is made of clay-based and raw material.


Putting in such thick, big slabs of stone generally takes a lot of time, for a range of reasons. Porcelain's versatility, manmade and weight advantages get rid of the long wait-time that often happens with general countertop installation. This stone-like material can be created in big slabs – so instead of using different chunks to cover one counter area, you can use a single piece and thereby streamline the installation process. While its maneuvering and cutting need professional work, your Porcelain slabpieces can be installed directly over your existing counter area, which also decreases the installation time.

Care tips to keep it clean

One of the top aspects of Porcelain slab is its ease of cleaning. The non-porous, naturally repellent area that needs no protective sealing needs just a simple wipe-down with a harmless solution to get a perfectly safe, fit and spotless countertop. Microfiber cloths with a basic vinegar and water, plain water, or neutral detergent solution are all it takes to disinfect and maintain the beauty of your porcelain-anything. Even stubborn spots of dried-on food pieces should just need a sponge or coarse brush to remove.

Searching for the best Porcelain slab countertop?

Porcelain slab countertops are a best option for any person looking to upgrade their bathroom or kitchen. With a range of patterns and colors, Porcelain slab can simply be used to complement any design style. And with all its remarkable advantages, it is no surprise that Porcelain slab has become increasingly famous as a best choice for new construction or remodeling projects. So if you are looking for the best countertop solution, then Moco Porcelain slab should actually be at the top of your list.

One top of all these benefits, Moco Porcelain slab countertops also come in customizable sizes and shapes, so creating a one-of-a-type design should never be a problem. When you are ready to get started, contact the Porcelain Slabs manufacturer to make your vision a reality.



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