How to Buy and Import porcelain slab from China?

March 30, 2023

Would you like to import exclusive tiles from China for your projects to save half costs? Tiles made in China are the most sought-after in the world because of their extraordinary quality. China has become the leading global manufacturer of tiles because of the materials and technology, cost-effective solutions in production, and huge domestic and regional potential markets.

Many importers opt to import tiles from China because the cost of production is at least 50% lower in China than in other countries. This is because most countries in the world do not have an anti-dumping duty on China tiles. Tile exporters in China are also entitled to a 13% tax refund from the Chinese government depending on the type of tile and the supplier.

If you are planning on importing tiles from China, this guide will be extremely useful.

Nowadays, the maximum number of Chinese firms produce around 25,000 square meters of tiles in one day. This quantity is best to fill the full demand for exporting and domestic needs.

As well, they can produce a little or big quantity of tiles as customers order. They increase the production capacity depending on the buyer, so there is no possibility of delay. The firms never miss the delivery schedule.

A present, a lot of tile enterprises around the globe have been re-birthing by the touch of the Chinese tiles revolution. China forever provides the best standard at affordable cost, this is why tile industries are paying focus to China.

The selling price could be 30 to 500 percent less than another’s country’s worth, but not means the quality is bad, you would get a ten percent reliable product with a big guarantee.

Anyway, if you are looking to buy and import porcelain slabs from China, you are in the right place.

What are Porcelain tiles?

Technically, porcelain tiles are under the category of ceramic tiles. But, what makes them special from the other ceramic tiles is it has improved standard because they are kiln-dried at top temperatures. Porcelain tiles are more durable and harder.

Porcelain tiles are best for wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom and areas with radiate cooling and heating systems. They are accessible in many designs mimicking natural materials like stone and wood.

Porcelain Slabs

Why are porcelain tiles so famous?

There are many positive reasons given below:

Porcelain tiles rise in status because they provide a big range of advantages to homeowners matched to ceramic and concrete tiles, which increase the impact of whatever area they use.

Porcelain tiles don’t need any unique maintenance as they have low porous surfaces, these tiles keep stains and dirt on top which makes it simple to clean and also makes your home charming.

The waterproof spec permits you to install porcelain tiles in the wettest place of your home without any issues with the laundry room, bathroom, outdoor patio, or swimming pool.

This way, you can fix polished porcelain tiles in the dining room, kitchen, or any area of your home or commercial building.

Best tiles for kitchens

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are forever a more famous choice than natural stone tiles for kitchen floors because they are amazing to use. Limestone tiles make for great kitchen flooring as well because they are durable, attractive, and porous like mosaic tiles. Limestone is harder than granite and marble, and they do not scratch easily.

Porcelain tiles and sealed ceramics are best for sinks and countertops. Ceramic tiles are best for backsplashes because they can withstand moisture and heat.

Porcelain tiles are also the best tiles for mudroom and laundry room because they are impervious and durable to moisture. Pick the one that looks like slate for that rustic or casual effect.

marble look Porcelain Slabs

Foshan Moco is a professional porcelain slabs manufacturer in Foshan, China. Moco porcelain slabs can be used in a range of house decorations and home areas. Quality issues can be avoided or minimized if you work with Moco. Moco can provide one-stop purchasing services, such as checking quality, providing relevant certificates, and arranging to load, and export customs affairs. Once you try moco's help, you will know how professional and convenient that Moco company's products and services are.

How Does Foshan Moco Company Help You Import Tiles from China?

Background Check

Founded in 2010, MoCo Surfaces & Ceramica focus on the development, design, production, sales, and supply chain of high-tech Porcelain Slab Tiles, Marble Look Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Wood Effect Tiles, and Tile Trim Profiles. With our factory's strong powerful producing ability, we have been developing large size tiles to meet the market trend in these years. We always provide good solutions for High-end hotels, clubs, villas, houses, Apartments, and Public Buildings from all over the world.

Manufacturing capabilities

 500+ company personnel, professional R&D team.10000+m² factory area, improve mass production.

Quality system auditing

We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our headsets are current with trends and are of the newest technologies available.

Best product price

We are a Porcelain Slabs factory to make sure you get the factory's direct price for a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and the best possible quality.

 Best logistics solution

You do not need to hire logistics experts because Foshan Moco Company has a professional logistics service that can update you with everything concerning your business.


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