Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Floor Tiles

March 22, 2023

Ceramic tile has been produced for 1000s of years, and it is a very familiar material that is used for flooring as well as wall coverings. Porcelain tile is very similar, but it is not just like hyped ceramic. Both materials start out as clay, and are molded into a range of shapes and thickness, glazed and then fired at a kiln. There, anyway, is where the similarities end.

The clay used for porcelain tile is more refined and much stronger. It is also fired at a higher temperature, under greater force. The outcome is powerful, durable, and water-resistant than general ceramic tile.

Advantages of porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are not preferred by lots of people as they tend to be pretty more costly than other tile substitutes, but it is worth it because it has many advantages that make it remarkable and make it easier to beat the prices of other affordable materials. Here are the top benefits:

Simple maintenance

Porcelain tiles are the simplest to maintain of all the different flooring types accessible. They don’t need anything unique for waterproofing like some other flooring. For this reason, porcelain tiles are used extensively in bathrooms, kitchens, backyard walls, and entrances where moisture is general.

Porcelain tiles are very simple to clean. Porcelain which takes longer to stain than traditional tiles can be swept and mopped rightly. Mainly homeowners and business owners who love cleanliness will like it when they see how simple it is to keep porcelain tile floors clean.


Porcelain tile is very resistant to abrasion. This is because porcelain tiles have less air area and are of a denser material. Firing porcelain at top temperature also gives long-term wear resistance. It is the top choice for rental or business properties as porcelain tile floors are known to last for years. These tiles, which are less prone to breakage, will maintain their charming look even with little pets or children at home.

Multiple design options

Porcelain colors and tile patterns are so discreet and varied that they may be used to imitate almost any modern or traditional flooring material, including wood and marble. Additional, the printing of these designs is so right that it would be hard to tell them apart from the real stuff.

This ultimately means that customers will be capable to get their own design or emulate their favorite flooring material such as marble and wood at a significantly affordable cost.


It is almost a luxury item as it is made of high standard components. Additionally, it can be made to match your flavor and to resemble most other types of flooring.

Perfect for heavy traffic areas

Porcelain tile floors are best for a heavy traffic atmosphere, which means they are extremely attractive for commercial use. While this flooring is wear-resistant even against a pet's hard nails, it will be a best choice for homeowners or business owners who love to party.


One of the most overlooked benefits of using porcelain is the fact that they are eco-friendly. Give the rising worry over climate change and its impact on people’s health, livelihoods, and the earth as a whole; every person is now being called upon to lower their environmental footprint. If you want to perform your role in saving the earth, picking porcelain tiles is the way to go.

Porcelain is manufactured in a way that does not give off bad volatile organic compounds. VOCs are emitted as gasses and into the air, causing bad long-term health and ozone impacts.

porcelain floor tiles

Disadvantages of porcelain floor tiles

Porcelain tile is best – amazingly good and this means you will pay more for their best standard. This extra pay will be compensated for by the porcelain tiles beauty and durability.

A best way to cut costs when using porcelain tiles is to purchase in bulk and focus on honest brands with perfect offers.

Complexity of repairs and installation

While hardness is the most perfect feature of porcelain tiles, because these tiles are very hard, they tend to crack and brittle easily when not rightly handled.

It can therefore be hard to cut them into the needed shapes during installation. The top thing to do is to hire experts for repair and installation. Also, when buying porcelain tiles, you can purchase one or two boxes than needed to cover the cost of damages that may occur during installation.

Weight of porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are dense and that is the best thing because that helps to give their extra power. Anyway, this could be an issue for the upper floors of story buildings.

Anyway, it is not impossible to install porcelain tiles on the upper floors. You just have to make sure the structure of the home is powerful enough to support all of that included weight. To confirm this, you need to speak to your building contractor and get expert advice.

On the other hand, you may have to pay extra for the installation firm considering all the worry involved with carrying the heavy tiles up the stairs.

Grout stain

Porcelain liquid penetrates and resists staining, but the grout between tiles is very vulnerable and porous to both. If you fail to rightly seal the grout, it sustains damage over time, and may even cause the tiles themselves to stain. Right care helps save the grout from staining, as well as from the mildew and mold caused by environmental and humidity moisture.

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